About Us:

NKM Machine has been designed and manufactured the Sigma Kneader Mixers since 1980’s. With more than 3 decades of development, our product now includes:

  • Kneading mixers
  • Horizontal mixers
  • Tumbler mixers
  • Conical mixers
  • Powder dryers

Our customers cover a wide range of applications, including: pharmaceuticals, food, rubber, plastic, pigments, and a lot of others.

NKM has been working closely with our customers since our foundation to solve a diversity of application problems, through which we build our know-how and capability for improvement and development of new solutions.

NKM now occupies an area of more than 10,000 square meters, with about 70 employees to serve our customers. We have a full set of facilities to build our Kneading, Drying & Mixing machines from lab-size of 0.25 liters to production size of max. 15,000 liters.

Workshop Facilities:

Boring Mill Machine
Horizontal Lathe Machine
Vertical Drilling Machine
Shaft Machining Machine
Milling Machine
Plate Folding Machine
Welding Area
Trough Moulds