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Drum Hoop Mixer:

The NKM DRM series Drum Hoop Mixer is developed to meet increasing demands for a low batch mixer for mixing, blending, homogenizing, dyeing of dry powders and granules particularly in smaller industries or when frequent product changes as required. The NKM DRM series Drum Hoop Mixer comprises a drive unit with roll-on / roll-off ramp and foot switch or timer.

NKM DRM series Drum Hoop Mixer is used widely in the plastics industry, chemical industry, drug and dye works, food industry as well as textile and leather industry.

1) Intensive mixing even in the case of small quantities for example of additives or active substances

2) Well suitable for frequent product changes, as the storage container at the same time serves as a mixing container

3) Avoids inappropriate handling of dusty or tonic products

4) Hoop can be used for transporting drum

5) Easy exchanging of the mixing container

6) No need for drum hoists, cradles, etc.

7) Easy cleaning of the mixing container

8) Additional cross bars inside of the drum for lump breaking

9) Safety fences, or safety cages to eliminate the possible injury to human being



DRM Mixer Built in Carbon Steel
Mixer in All Stainless Steel