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Paddle Dryer:

NKM designs and manufactures the PAD series Paddle Dryer for general drying purpose of almost all types of material, no matter it is slurry, past, granule, powder or fiber.

For more than 30 years, the NKM PAD series Paddle Dryer has been serving a variety of industries of pharmaceutical, dye, pigment, heat sensitive material and others. They are well proven and reputed by our customers in both domestic and worldwide territories.

1) Dust filtering system (with pulse cleaning device) for dust materials

2) Jet-air devices to enhance the fluidization of materials and shorten the drying cycle time

3) Loading equipment such as screw conveys, pneumatic loading system, etc

4) Automatic ON/OFF of loading with weighing device

5) Discharging valve by pneumatic operation

6) Contact part to be carbon steel, SS304, SS316L or others

7) All stainless steel construction for hygienic applications

8) Heating by electric heaters

9) Condenser to recycle the volatile solvents

The basic construction of PAD series Paddle Dryer consists of a slow rotating shaft mounted with rows of paddle agitators, a cylindrical drum with double jacket for heating by steam, motor driving system, vacuum system, and the support frames.

Materials are loaded from the top hopper and drop into the drum, where they are subjected to the slow agitation by the paddle agitators.

Water or other solvents are heated and vaporized with the high temperature inside the drum, and are drawn out through the vacuum system.

Compared to vertical industrial dryer, the major advantage of the horizontal dryer is the horizontal dryer is able to accommodate higher temperature (up to 370 Celsius degrees). The gearbox and all bearings are located outside of the drying chamber, and they will not be subject to the same temperature as the materials. This allows for easy lubrication and simple maintenance thus long duty life.


2000L Paddle Dryer