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Twin-shaft Paddle Mixer:

The Twin-shaft Paddle Mixer is also popularly known as its other names of fluidized zone mixer, fluidizing paddle mixer, paddle mixer, paddle blender, fluidizing blender, weightless mixer, non-gravity mixer, or zero-gravity mixer.

NKM designs the TPM series Twin-shaft Paddle Mixer especially to handle the mixing application of bulk materials with big difference in proportion, particle size and bulk density.

When the small amount of powder additives or liquid is required to be added into the bulk material, the TPM series Twin-shaft Paddle Mixer is able to achieve fast and precision mixing with high capacity.

1) Rough mixing with additional chopper

2) Fast mixing, typical mixing time is 10-60 seconds for dry and free-flowing materials

3) Free particle movement at the Fluidized Zone

4) Low shear for fragile products that can’t tolerate rough handling

5) Easy cleaning and hygienic design with minimal corners

6) Low maintenance efforts required

7) Air purge packing seal for the shaft (Option)

8) Spraying system for liquid additional (Option)

9) Pneumatic bomb door for fast and complete discharge (Option)

10) Special treatment of the shaft and paddles for corrosive and abrasive materials (Option)


The basic construction of NKM TPM series Twin-shaft Paddle Mixer consists of drive unit, W-shaped horizontal trough with loading port, twin-shaft with paddles, access doors for inspection and maintenance, and a variety of discharge arrangement. Optional chopper (pin bar) is available to break the lumps in the bulk materials.

During operation of TPM series Twin-shaft Paddle Mixer, the two shafts are rotating in counter motion. The paddles sweep the entire bottom of the W-shaped trough, and materials are lifted floating between the two shafts (as zero-gravity zone) by the centrifugal force generated by the paddles. At this zero-gravity zone, materials of different density are mixed easily and fast because particles can move freely and randomly into each other, regardless of particle size and density. This results in a rapid and highly homogenous mixing.


Mixer with Pneumatic Loading Port