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Vacuum Tumble Dryer:

NKM designs the Vacuum Tumble Dryer based on the Tumbe Mixer, which is popular for blending job of free-flowing powders in chemical, food and pharmaceutical applications.
The VTD vacuum dryer has the additional jacket for heating or cooling by water, oil or steam, vacuum system, special rotary joint system, and other necessary parts.


1) Double wall construction

2) Contact built in all Stainless Steel and food grade polishing

3) No contamination due to the closed area by only SS walls

4) Quick clamping loading port & Manually butterfly discharge valve

5) Extended side supports

6) Explosion-proof design

VTD vacuum tumble dryer (or vacuum mixer dryer) has the similar construction of a tumble mixer. It consists of a drying vessel (usually double cone shaped) which is jacketed with another shell to let the heating fluid going between the shells, drive system, vacuum system, side supports, rotary joint and other pipes. 

When it works, the vessel rotates in slow speed to offer a gentle movement to the materials inside. This gives an effective contact of the materials to the heated shell. An optional agitator is mounted to break the lumps in the powdery materials during the drying process.

Vacuum is executed to decrease the evaporation temperature of the liquid, so that the materials can be protected from burning under relatively lower temperature. Additional vapor recovery system can be provided.


Vacuum Tumble Dryer to be Shipped